Welcome to the Fractal Formulas blog. Here we will explore the concepts behind various fractal art programs and formulas. I’m just getting started, so we’ll see how it evolves. Currently, I envision two parts: a blog where I muse on whatever fractal concepts I happen to be focused on at the time, and a formula reference section containing my research on formulas used by various fractal programs. Of course, with hundreds of formulas in common use and more being invented all the time, the reference section will never be complete; that isn’t even a goal. But hopefully some will find the information that is there useful.

The fractal programs I currently use most frequently are JWildfire, Ultra Fractal, Mandelbulber, and Mandelbulb 3D. There are lots of other fractal programs out there, so I may add to the list in the future, but I think I’ll stick with those four for now.

A word on math: Fractals are based on mathematics, so I won’t be afraid to use it! But I do realize that many fractal artists stumble on its sharp edges, so I’ll try to keep it simple. But that means providing background information and explaining the concepts, not avoiding math completely.

One of my goals for blogging about fractal concepts is to better understand them myself. I find that explaining things to others is one of the best ways to really understand something. I welcome feedback. If I get something wrong, I really do want to know about it! So please don’t be afraid to point out my mistakes.

If you are new to the site, start with the Basic Fractal Concepts post.

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